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Color Trends for 2019: Hottest Paints

Color Trends for 2019: Hottest Paints

Colors can give life to your home and provide it a vestige of your personality. In this sense, it helps to choose a color that’s not only trendy but also goes well with the overall look and feel of your home. 

Every year, new colors dominate the world of interior design. It’s only a matter of choosing a color that best gives your home that “wow” factor you have been looking for.

So, if you’re planning to remodel your home, which paint colors should you pick? Let me fill you in on some of the best.

1.Light Blue
You can never go wrong with light blue as an interior paint. The muted shade is great for spacious rooms without being too overpowering. Sure enough, you might want to test with varying shades and highlights that will surely add a  bit of depth.

2. Pop and retro colors
Remember TV shows from the 80s such as Knight Rider or Miami Vice? You know for sure that pink and mustard brown formed the color palettes that became popular, so much so that people consider bringing back design motifs that define the era. Like it or not, retro colors are definitely making a comeback this year amid a wave of cultural nostalgia.

3. Red and orange
For Feng Shui fans, listen up. This year is the year of the fire monkey, so you might want to repaint your interior walls with warmers hues such as scarlet or orange. However, when choosing warm colors for your walls, make sure that other elements such as your carpeting and curtains are also updated to create harmony. 

4. Zen elements
Tranquility is central to the Zen aesthetic, so if you’re planning to make your home more conducive to relaxation and de-stressing, a nice grey and white combination will do. Sure there’s nothing special about a blank white wall, but it does help make your rooms look larger and cleaner. On that note, you might want to upgrade your room decorations an

5. Dark green
Here’s another blast from the past for you. Being the dominant color during the 90s, dark green became a staple in many homes back in the day. Like the retro colors of the 80s, dark green will no doubt make its way to homes in 2019 and perhaps beyond. For a good start, you can use the color to repaint your bedroom walls and achieve a bold yet toned down atmosphere.

6. Pastel colors
Last year, many homeowners have made good use of pastel colors to repaint their properties. The fact that pastel colors work is the reason why it continues to be a trend, especially among younger homebuyers. Whether you’re selling your home or simply giving it a new lease on life, pastel colors are here to stay.

7. Clay
Warmer colors are expected to pick-up steam as younger homeowners are obsessed with anything vintage. Sure enough, this yearning to satisfy one’s nostalgia has caught on and terra cotta walls are becoming an increasing trend. By the looks of it, every refurbished kitchen and dining room has got to have it as part of a design scheme. 

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