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Working Smart and Small: The Top Cloffice Ideas You Need

Working Smart and Small: The Top Cloffice Ideas You Need

A “cloffice,” as the name suggests, is basically a closet and an office rolled into one. Now, why would any homeowner think of such an unusual combination?

If you’re a freelancer or an online entrepreneur, a cloffice provides the privacy you need to focus on your work without occupying too much space around the house.

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Indeed, there are areas around the house that get under-utilized, so it would make so much sense to convert these into small workspaces.

At least with a cloffice, you don’t have to build a separate room that shields you from outside noise and keeps your work-related clutter in one place. It all depends on how you organize a cloffice that fits your needs and impresses guests.

Here are a few ideas for a cloffice that’s just as attractive as any other part of your home.

1. Use patterned wallpapers

Turn your dull closets into beautiful and productivity-boosting workspaces by giving the walls a much-needed upgrade. For this, you might want to consider patterned wallpapers for blank walls and partitions. It helps if you are able to fill these spaces with visually stimulating graphics, especially if you’re working as a creative at your very own cloffice.

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2. Use low-key lighting

Of course, you can’t have a home office without adequate lighting. In this case, you might as well improve the lighting fixtures that will help you focus more on the most crucial tasks at hand. For this, you can opt for low-key or accent lights that shine directly on your desk. You may also opt for a desk lamp that’s energy-efficient.

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3. Get a good, unrestrictive chair

As much as possible, you need to be comfortable while you’re working at your desk. Picking the right chair might help, but you need to consider the size of your cloffice. A swivel chair complete with armrests might sound like a great idea, but will it give you ample freedom to move around? Apparently, it won’t, so opt for a chair that provides both back and arm support without limiting your actions.

Photo from Successful Workplace.

4. Pick a neutral color palette

Like your interior, your cloffice should be painted with colors that are tranquil and light to the eyes. A beige or sky blue cloffice, for instance, makes it easier for you to work in a controlled and highly functional environment. Other colors to consider is turquoise or dark green. You can also use pure white or chrome to make your cloffice appear larger to the naked eye.

Photo from Decoraiso.Com.

5. Collect indoor plants

Just because you’re working straight from home doesn’t mean you can’t use your green thumb to grow decorations or future arts & crafts material. The best way you can approach this is to simply grow plants that can survive a long time indoors. You can look along the lines of succulents or cacti, but potted flowers can also serve as great table toppers.

6. Install wall shelving

To complete your cloffice, install multi-tier shelves and additional storage such as drawers and cabinets for your files and other items. If the area already has pre-installed shelves, you might want to consider expanding them. One thing’s for sure, the more shelves you install, the larger your cloffice looks. Plus, you have additional places for your files, decorations, and the things you love.

Photo from Mr.Build-it and Mrs. Style-it.

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