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Restoration Tips: Restoring Your Home after a Flood

Restoration Tips: Restoring Your Home after a Flood

Costing more than $40 billion in damage worldwide annually, floods are no doubt one of the most destructive disasters affecting vulnerable communities in the United States.

What to Do in the First 24 Hours After a Flood

If you’re aware that you’re living in a floodplain, you might as well prepare for the worst. Of course, you don’t wait until the water comes rushing in before you evacuate to safer ground. Your life matters more than anything, but what should happen next once the water recedes?

Of course, you’ll need to come home and make necessary repairs, considering the extent of the damage as well as the environmental and health concerns.

These tips will help you restore your property and make sure it’s still safe to move in.

1. Floors

It is always advisable to hire the services of a
qualified contractor to do flood water damage restoration

Wooden floors soak up flood water, weakening the material and promote the growth of mold. In most cases, the floorboards may swell up and become so brittle that you will have to replace them with new ones. So, before finding a flooring contractor, you may need to dry the affected areas properly for a seamless fix.

For tile floors, you will need to remove the slabs first and dry out the water that has seeped into the subflooring. Extra care has to be observed when handling the tiles, in which case, you will need the help of an experienced contractor.

2. Furniture

Tips to salvage your furniture after a flood

Wooden and steel furniture pieces are at a complete disadvantage in the event of a flood, but they can still be restored as good as new. Wooden furniture, for instance, can be dried off and reworked when it’s bent out of shape by the floodwater. On the other hand, you can also remove rust that’s growing on metallic surfaces, but it’s always best to consult with a professional so you’ll know the right course of action to take.

3. Electrics

What To Do If an Electrical Outlet Gets Wet

Immediately when you come back home, you will need to turn your main switch off. For sure, there’s still some water left inside the outlets, so you will have to prevent a short circuit from happening. Have an electrician take a look at your connections and see if you can find any livewires that need to be fixed.

4. Carpets

Dealing with Carpet and Hard Floor Water Damage

It may take some time, but reviving your carpets is still pretty much possible. Simply take the carpets out and hose them down to get rid of the mud. You might also need to scrub off any remaining mud that sticks on the fabric. Still, you may want to consider discarding your carpets altogether as they may contain traces of chemicals that were carried by floodwater.

5. Walls

How Do You Dry out Walls after a Flood?

The biggest threat to the integrity of your walls is mold formation, so you better act fast within 24 hours of returning to the property. Start by drying your walls by allowing ample ventilation to flow through the interior. If the walls are insulated, you will need to remove the panels and take out the moist material from underneath. Next, you will need to disinfect the insides of your walls to prevent molds from forming. You will need to leave your walls open for at least three weeks before you add replacement insulation and re-install the panels.

6. Make flood-proof improvements

It will take you months before your home reverts back to its old self, but you may also need to take this time to introduce a few improvements to your home so you can lessen the impact of another flooding event. In this case, you can elevate your home. You might also install ample drainage for your walls so as to eliminate standing water and prevent moisture build-up in the immediate aftermath of a flood.

If you need more home improvement tips come rain or shine, you know exactly where to get them! Arbrook Realty’s got you covered!



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