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Canceling a Home Showing: How Not to Deal with Buyers

Canceling a Home Showing: How Not to Deal with Buyers

When it comes to dealing with buyers, the main goal of sellers is to establish trust. After all, in any real estate deal, trust has to be one of the most essential currencies to leverage if sellers need to sell fast.

That said, leaving a bad impression on homebuyers is the worst thing you can do. There is certain etiquette to be followed and sellers will have to see to it that they’re doing what they can to get people to purchase.

No doubt, the best way you can demonstrate this etiquette is through a home showing. But aside from bad odors and poor lighting, the worst mistake you can do is to cancel a home showing. Here’s why:

1. Being rude to buyers

Sellers invest time and money on home improvements prior to a home showing. On their part, buyers prepare a great deal and may have already set their expectations. When buyers and their agents have scheduled for a visit and sellers cancel the home showing at the last minute, the level of trust shatters as buyers feel that they are disrespected in some way. Unless it’s extremely needed, a good rule of thumb is to never cancel home showing when you already have an interested buyer.

2. Your reputation gets affected

In the world of real estate, news travels fast. And considering that buyers want nothing more than sellers doing their part in helping them make informed decisions, sellers will need to maintain a sense of integrity. So, if you’re canceling a home showing at the last minute, people will have the impression that you’re not as serious as they thought. Beyond that, buyers could vent out their frustration online and single you out for you and your realtor’s supposed lack of sincerity.

3. Buyers might not come back

You could count yourself lucky if your buyers are able to come back after a canceled home showing. But for those who really offense at the cancellation, there’s no way for them to schedule another home visit. Indeed, turning off buyers means losing opportunities for a home sale and extending your home’s time on the market.

Home showings are a critical part of the home selling process. They are not something you can readily modify at any given moment. Homebuyers and their agents invest time and effort to look for the right properties. They want things to go as smoothly as possible so they can be ready to move forward with the transaction.

If you plan on selling your home, you may want to get help when it comes to managing your home showings.

Arbrook Realty is here to provide top notch real  estate services for sellers who want to sell their homes quickly and in a seamless way. Contact us today!



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