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Why Choose an Arbrook Realty Professional

Why Choose an Arbrook Realty Professional

A great deal of resources, time, and effort are put into every real estate transaction. There are processes too complex for buyers and sellers to handle on their own, which is why they hire a REALTOR to help them out in every step of the way.

Results vary from one REALTOR to another, but if you’re focused on reliability and quality, then Arbrook Realty is the right option for you within the DFW area. 

Arbrook provides excellent service that goes over and beyond client expectations. Here are other reasons why Arbrook should help you with your real estate needs:

1. Client-centered service

Arbrook aims to provide services that underscore the need for clients to “birth their needs and build legacies.” It does so by adhering to the highest ethical standards within the industry and nurturing a professional team that’s well-trained to provide personalized services for each of their clients. 

2. Access to technology

Acknowledging the importance of technology in the real estate industry, Arbrook adapts to current technological trends that add value to its clients. In doing so, it is able to provide exceptional services that are catered towards specific goals. Sellers, for example, can reduce the time on market for their homes by having Arbrook run promotional campaigns for their listings. 

3. Motivated and dedicated team

Arbrook prides itself for having a real estate team that are fully capable of meeting industry demands. Coming from different backgrounds, Arbrook’s team of seasoned real estate professionals can save you precious time and money by:

  • Marketing your home;
  • Recommending staging techniques for best marketability;
  • Qualifying potential buyers;
  • Negotiating counter-offers, tracking the paperwork, and adhering to critical deadlines; and
  • Maintaining a proven track record of selling homes quickly for the highest sales prices.

Our team of agents is ready to help you simplify complex real estate processes to your advantage. Get acquainted with the hardworking people behind Arbrook’s success.

4. Experienced and detail-oriented

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to complete your real estate transactions, Arbrook is your reliable service provider. Combining experiences in banking and real estate along with expert negotiating skills and a firm background in sales, Arbrook agents employ meticulous planning and intense attention to detail to help you secure deals without any letup. They also provide added value to clients who expect nothing less than well-rounded professionals to represent their needs. 

5. Emphasis on privacy and security

Arbrook follows a strict Code of Ethics that all REALTORS must adhere to. Here is a list of what is expected from REALTORS:

  1. Pledge to put the interests of buyers and sellers ahead of their own and to treat all parties honestly.
  2. Shall refrain from exaggerating, misrepresenting or concealing material facts; and is obligated to investigate and disclose when situations reasonably warrant.
  3. Shall cooperate with other brokers / agents when it is in the best interests of the client to do so.
  4. Have a duty to disclose if they represent family members who own or are about to buy real estate, or if they themselves are a principal in a real estate transaction, that they are licensed to sell real estate.
  5. Shall not provide professional services in a transaction where the agent has a present or contemplated interest without disclosing that interest.
  6. Shall not collect any commissions without the seller’s knowledge nor accept fees from a third party without the seller’s express consent.
  7. Shall refuse fees from more than one party without all parties’ informed consent.
  8. Shall not co-mingle client funds with their own.
  9. Shall attempt to ensure that all written documents are easy to understand and will give everybody a copy of what they sign.
  10. Shall not discriminate in any fashion for any reason on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.
  11. Expects agents to be competent, to conform to standards of practice and to refuse to provide services for which they are unqualified.
  12. Must engage in truth in advertising.
  13. Shall not practice law unless they are a lawyer.
  14. Shall cooperate if charges are brought against them and present all evidence requested.
  15. Agree not to bad mouth competition and agree not to file unfounded ethics complaints.
  16. Shall not solicit another REALTOR’S client nor interfere in a contractual relationship.
  17. Shall submit to arbitration to settle matters and not seek legal remedies in the judicial system.

Moreover, Arbrook’s licensed agents also went through trainings and examinations that have capacitated them to become the most reliable service providers for their clients. This has enabled Arbrook to forge a reputation based on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

If you want to know more about what our agents are capable of providing, check out stellar reviews from past clients!

Ready to build your dreams? Talk with an Arbrook agent and see where you can go from there!


There is no other reason for you to overlook a REALTOR that’s well-suited to help realize your goal of buying or selling a home within the DFW area. 

Reach out to us today by calling 972-679-9311. For more information, visit



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