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Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

The Halloween festivities are nearly over. 

The scattered leaves of early fall have now been swept up, and your Halloween ornaments are starting to fall apart. It’s time to take down the spooky decors and start deciding where to put your cornucopia for Thanksgiving.

Here are a few easy tips for decorating your home this Thanksgiving:

Prepare the pumpkins

Pumpkins have a place almost anywhere in the fall season, especially on Thanksgiving. Not only can they be made into delicious dishes for your Thanksgiving feast but they can also be used for decoration at places around your house.

You can place pumpkins at your doorway as a festive gesture, or around your dining table if you have a few. Really, there’s a lot you can do with pumpkins as decorations for Thanksgiving. 

The dining area

Don’t hold back when setting up decorations for your Thanksgiving table. Aside from delicious food, give your table the finest tablecloth you can afford. Also, use your best utensils, glasses, and plates that are washed and polished to perfection. Don’t just rely on the food for the overall presentation. Make sure your dining area is prepped up for visiting relatives. One effective tip is to place a potted plant or a basket of autumn flowers on the center of the table. 

Touch up your living room

After dinner, your guests are going to be gathering around your living room, so don’t forget to decorate this area as well!

You don’t even have to do much to decorate your living room for Thanksgiving. You just have to highlight the season’s dominant colors: red and yellow. Think of red and yellow throw pillows, curtains, and throw rugs. 

You can also add a Thanksgiving scent to your living room such as cinnamon or, again, pumpkin so your guests can feel right at home!

Don’t forget the traditional decorations

Never forget to put in traditional decor to truly celebrate Thanksgiving at your home.

We already discussed making sure that you have plenty of pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorating. But there are a few more items to bear in mind: 

  • Wreath: Pin this at your front door to welcome guests.
  • Cornucopia: Use this as the centerpiece of your dining table or your living room.
  • Gourds, corn, and squash: Aside from pumpkins, these vegetables are in season and can be placed as decoration pieces around your home. 

Never forget the traditional decorations of the season when celebrating Thanksgiving. Then again, decorations form only a part of the festivities. What’s most important is the time you spend with the whole family.

For more seasonal house decoration tips, visit our blog.



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