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The 5 Essentials for Sprucing Up Your Home this Autumn

The 5 Essentials for Sprucing Up Your Home this Autumn

There’s no better time to prep your home up than Autumn. After all, it’s that time of year that leads to the most important events on the calendar. It’s also when you need to take care of the little things before you begin hanging up spooky Halloween decorations around your house:

So, check out this list of essential tasks you might want to focus on this season.

Clearing the yard

As much as they make a great sight every year, fallen leaves can leave a very messy situation for you to handle. Having said that, you might want to clear up the yard before winter arrives. 

One of the first tasks to accomplish is to rake those fallen leaves in your yard, so bring out your best rake, and start gathering them in a neat, large pile. To make the work a little quicker, you might as well use a leaf blower to collect all the leaves in a pile. Don’t forget to resist the urge to jump into this pile of leaves when you’re finished!

Cleaning out the gutter

Fallen leaves may have clogged up your gutters as the days dragged on. So, you might want to inspect your gutters and make sure they are clear of any debris. This will prevent an overflow from happening, which can also lead to very costly damages later on.

Check for winter security

Remember that fall is also a prelude to long winter months. So, make sure that you prepare your winter essentials around your home. For sure, this is a good time for you to weatherstrip your doors and windows and provide added insulation to vulnerable areas like the basement and attic. 

You may also need to prepare all the necessary tools such as snow shovels. Make sure, as well, that you have enough wood for the fireplace. Lastly, prepare an emergency kit this early on. You’ll never know if a bad blizzard is gunning towards you.

Clean your kitchen

Autumn is a perfect time to refurbish the kitchen, especially in the next eventful months to come.

Take some time to clean out the oven, fridge, and de-grease cooking appliances, pots, and pans. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be completely spotless, but you could at least keep it in tip-top shape in time for Thanksgiving and December affairs that will happen thereafter. 

Inspect the chimney, HVAC system, and furnace

You must never forget to check on the chimney when you’re prepping your home this autumn. Like the gutters, you will want to make sure that it’s clear of any debris. 

You may also want to check on your HVAC system as well. If you have a furnace or a boiler, do a maintenance check on that as well, because is an early enough time to do all that and also not too late to get it done either. 

For more useful tips for homeowners, be sure to check out our blog. 



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