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Warming Up Your Home For The Holidays

Warming Up Your Home For The Holidays

Early in November, Northeastern Texas experienced freezing temperatures brought on by a cold front. 

With the Holidays just around the corner, many residents the DFW area will have to prepare for anything, especially freezing weather. 

It has been a while since the region experienced deep snow, but you shouldn’t be satisfied when it comes to preparing your home for the chilly weather. 

Here are a few tips for keeping yourself warm this season:

Personal heat utilities

Keeping a few personal heat utilities in your home is important for keeping yourself cozy. You could get an electric blanket to keep the bed heated for cold evenings. You can also get a few throw rugs for warming up your floor. Additionally, you could also put up a few curtains to keep heat from escaping. 

Weatherstrip your doors and windows

Cold air can sneak inside your home through the narrowest openings, so it’s not enough to simply patch up damaged walls. Closing gaps on your doors and windows should help keep your home warm. Choose durable weatherstripping materials that line the sides and cover the corners. 

Space heaters

A central heating system is a must for any home, but it could cost a lot to install. Considering you live in an area where it’s mostly warm, you might want to settle with what you can afford. For this, you have the option of using space heaters for bedrooms and guest rooms as well.

Heat from the fireplace

Traditionally, a roaring fire in the fireplace has to be the best and most affordable way to warm your home. Not only that but it also gives you the opportunity to huddle with your loved ones and enjoy roasting chestnuts as the old folks did back then. 

Whip up hot treats

If your house lacks a fireplace, you can at least prepare treats such as hot cocoa or tea. It’s the holiday season after all, and what better way to keep yourselves warm than with hot drinks and steaming meals to satisfy your palate while the chill rages outside.

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