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Kitchen Cleaning For The Holidays

Kitchen Cleaning For The Holidays

The holidays require you to clean and sanitize a number of areas around your home. One of them, in particular, should be given the most attention since it’s where much of the action happens come the Yuletide Season.

The kitchen will need a lot more cleaning than you realize. It is bound to house a lot of messes from making breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the holidays. Worse, a lot of food waste can be left lying around. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on a few handy tips for cleaning your kitchen for the holidays:
Clean those appliances
How long has it been since the last time you cleaned your appliances?

Kitchen appliances need cleaning and maintenance so you can make the best holiday meals.

To keep your stoves and ovens from being a fire hazard, make sure to rid them of grease and oil by scrubbing them thoroughly. For your microwave, use a paper towel to wipe away any stains. Lastly, sanitize and organize the contents of your fridge, mainly the ingredients for the meals you are going to prepare and leftovers.
Polish the utensils
You’ll be washing a lot of plates for the holidays as much as you’ll be using them, that’s for certain. But you shouldn’t forget to polish up the utensils as well. 

Never forget those spoons, forks, knives, and anything you’ve used for Christmas dinner the night before. They need cleaning just as much as your platters do.

Wipe down that counter
Of course, the kitchen counters will be used to prepare your meals and the last thing you would want is to cook with germ-ridden ingredients. 

Don’t just clean your counters of dust and grime. You should also remember to remove any clutter such as spare ingredients and kitchen tools. 

Finally, don’t forget to clean the handles of the cabinets and doors, especially if you touched these with unwashed hands. Just wipe them down with a warm, wet towel, and use vinegar or a potent cleaning solution to disinfect them.

Don’t forget the floors!waitHome-Selling Tips for the Holidays

As discussed in an earlier blog, the Holiday Season isn’t exactly the best time for purchasing a piece of property. Neighborhoods are covered in snow and there’s not much to look at. As it turns out, there are a few good reasons why finding a home in December is still possible.

But what about homeowners who are keen on selling?

Like buying a home, the Season can also be a good time to sell. You only need to know how you can go about it. Here are a few tips to help you win a deal with buyers:
Present a reasonable price 
You’re aiming to sell the house at one of the quickest-passing times of the year. Yes, the Holidays can be over and done before you know it, so it would be best if you didn’t price your house too high.

There is always the risk of people glossing over a house they couldn’t afford, so it’s important that you work with a realtor to determine the best possible price for your property by taking into account the property values within the community.
Keep the holiday decor to a minimum
It’s incredibly tempting to go all out with the holiday decor, and to be fair, why wouldn’t it be when everyone’s in a festive mood?

However, adding too many decorations will only bury the highlights of your home. So, keep the Christmas lights to a minimum and focus on your home’s best advantages. 
Give it a stellar presentation
Of course, the presentation has to be the most important aspect of putting your home up for sale.

Take quality presentation photos, use a video tour to show off the best areas of your house, and tidy it up. Remember, this is going to be the first thing to catch the eye of anyone looking for a home, whether it’s the Holidays or not. 
Warm it up
Welcoming someone has to have a certain level of warmth. This makes a lot of sense when the temperature drops and people like to cozy up.



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