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Appealing your Property’s Tax Value

Appealing your Property’s Tax Value

Having a high tax value is the stuff of nightmares for many homeowners. The higher it gets, the more taxes one has to pay. Normally, if you made any value-adding improvements to your home, getting a higher property value is understandable. On the other hand, it becomes a problem if you haven’t made any improvements […]

Texas Homestead Exemption

A Texas Homestead Exemption is exactly what you need to reduce your homeownership costs. But how do you apply for one? It’s fairly easy! Watch this video to know how you can process your application.  

Why Real Estate Investors Fail

Investors! Don’t get caught in a waiting trap! We want every client to make an informed decision. So, that’s why we are here today. We’re talking to home investors. We want to talk to you about why investors fail. Those in particular that are flipping homes. You need to know about a 90-day rule as it pertains […]

Top Smart Home Devices

The Internet of Things allows you to automate your smart home systems. Control security, locks, lights, and more using voice commands or with a controller. Here’s Roz Booker on some of the top smart home devices you need to have.